Not size
is crucial.
Expertise counts.

Not size is crucial.
Expertise counts.

Due to my national and also international professional experience as well as a targeted professional specialization, you will receive consulting services in the essential areas of commercial and corporate law with a high degree of quality, efficiency and professionalism. I work on a project basis, but of course I also advise on individual issues.

The manageable size of the firm guarantees you a direct personal contact. An excellent network at home and abroad ensures access to experts in other fields if necessary.

Business & Law

I advise you as a company, as an entrepreneur, investor, founder and manager with a focus on business law.

Wealth & Taxes

I accompany you in the process of (corporate) succession and structure your private wealth and business assets during your lifetime and beyond.

National & International

I advise nationwide and also on cross-border issues.


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