Law firm

Law firm

It doesn’t take a large law firm to move big things.

Due to my national and also international professional experience as well as because of my specialization you receive consulting services on the essential areas of business law with a high degree of quality, efficiency and professionalism. I work on a project-related basis, but of course I am also active in advising on individual questions. The manageable size of the law firm guarantees you a direct personal contact. An excellent network at home and abroad ensures access to experts from other specialist areas if necessary.

Transparency and reliability are also in the focus of the consultation. Deadlines and cost agreements are strictly adhered to. I am not talking about mandates and I am not advertising with references. I provide my service absolutely independently, as I do not hold any shares in clients, their business partners or opponents. My aim is to build and consolidate long-term trusting mandate relationships.

My law firm is located in southern Germany on Lake Constance in the four-country corner, because this is also my focal point of living. However, I provide all my consulting services nationwide and, if necessary, also cross-border. Due to the combination of personal contact with the client and the use of phone and video communication, I can keep the costs of office infrastructure flat and do not need an office in a big city.

Rethink, but act reliably.

For me, the client and the strategy of the client are always and first in the foreground. Legal details and the highest professional quality standards are a must, but it is just as important for me not to lose sight of the overall picture of the mandate. This can only be achieved through an ongoing focus on the legal as well as the economic interests of my clients, the market conditions as well as the risks that already exist or are potentially imminent.

My way of working is characterized by service orientation and the simultaneous devotion to the legal profession. This goes hand in hand with the obligation to my clients not only to provide excellent professional support at all times, but also to provide efficient and effective support at the same time. I maintain an uncomplicated but professional approach, am down-to-earth and always responsive to my clients. For me, it is a self-understanding to present the often legally complex issues in a comprehensible way and to make clear assessments within the agreed or set deadlines.

Last but not least, a transparent, comprehensible and appropriate remuneration is also part of my legal practice. Due to my low cost ratio and professional focus, the quality and service of a large law firm can be offered at acceptable prices. The billing of my consulting services is usually based on an hourly rate of 350.00 Euro plus VAT on the basis of a detailed proof of activity. In individual cases, however, flexible remuneration can also be agreed for projects or individual activities, thus taking into account the complexity, duration and scope of the individual mandate.

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